• Custom Home

    This was a 6000 square foot home in Fruitland, Wa. with a 1500 square foot waterproof deck as well as a complete covered patio. We also installed a 24KW propane generator for power outages. This home had a Renaii hot water on demand water system replacing the conventional water heater. This is a huge savings on your gas or electric bill.

  • Another picture of the Fruitland home
  • Custom Home

    Overlooking Little Falls Dam on the Spokane River just west of the 9 mile area outside of Spokane, Wa. Many wonderful features including cathedral ceilings and a beautiful kitchen. This home has lots of glass and was very well insulated.

  • Log Cabin

    Located at Black Lake just East of Colville, Wa. was built for a doctor and his wife from Spokane, Wa. This was their all season getaway.

  • Custom home in Hunters, Wa.
  • Custom Shop

    Custom 60 foot X 60 foot shop with bathroom, laundry room and living quarters.

  • Log Home

    Built above Chewelah, Wa. Log homes take more time but they are very beautiful when they are finished.

  • Stratford Modular Home

    This home arrived to our site on 2 semi-trucks. This home was finished in 6 weeks and became my show home on Hwy. 395 for two years. These modular homes are very custom and if you have a tight timeframe to build a home, this is a great option. They are built in a factory, out of the weather, in Rathdrum, Idaho.

  • On-Demand Hot Water System

    Also includes a whole house filtration system, a water conditioner to remove all the minerals and a soft water system. The Renaii hot water boiler is mounted on the wall, vented to the outside, and is run by propane or natural gas. These are very efficient and replace the conventional hot water heater that most homes have. These systems are very smart for saving energy!

Other Custom Projects

We do concrete work, log and timber framing, custom home building, and structural Insulated panel (SIP) construction. We also do remodels and custom kitchens and bathrooms. No matter what you need, call us to see how we can help you achieve your goal.


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General Contractor in the Stevens County Area

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Michael H. Swain, General Contractor

Building in the Tri-County Area for 45 years


Eagle Construction has built several projects for me. Mike is extremely detailed, through and punctual. His weekly updates were very informative and allowed me to continually know the status of each of the projects. His quality and workmanship is impeccable. Mike has built a large pole building, a 6000 square foot home and a garage for me. I would highly recommend Mike and Eagle Construction and would use him again for any further projects.
Ronald Dauzenroth
Fruitland, WA